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"We've had DUSTKILL treat our gravel drop yard for the past two years. We had been experiencing dust blowing into our terminal because of the heavy truck traffic in and out of our drop yard. Our customers did not want to receive their material with dust and DUSTKILL was able to eliminate the dust."

Director, Logistics Company

"Thank you for applying a test run of Soybean based dust suppressant to approximately 650 feet of our haul road at the quarry. Not only did it suppress the dust, it worked well in stabilizing the road and held up nicely against heavy quarry traffic. We will be considering using more of this product at the quarry and possibly at other locations, as well."
Quarry Production Supervisor

In the Spring of 1998 we were getting a lot of dust from tractor and trailer movement on areas that were covered with slag or stone modified. We had DUSTKILL spray these areas for dust control. The results were excellent. The oil was completely soaked into the ground within twelve hours, and we experienced no further dust problems during the very dry Summer of 1998. We are still satisfied with the results and find that it is still controlling dust in this Spring of 1999.
Mushroom Farm Plant Manager

On September 3, 1998 we applied a Soy Based Dust Suppressant on a rural road in the county. It controlled dust 100%, stabilized the road, adhered to road base, shed water, snow was no problem, and formed a 1" crust. Potholes fringing was limited to less than 5%. As of March 31, 1999 the road has not been scraped and only four potholes have occured in the road.
County Public Works Maintenance Supervisor

Controlling dust effectively without damaging vehicles or polluting the environment is an issue the Board of Supervisors addresses each spring. In the past traditional dust suppressants have been used on the sixteen miles of dirt roads in the county. DUSTKILL, a soybean-based dust suppressant, was applied to the dirt roads last summer. The product was found to be competitively priced and as effective as traditional suppressants. The Township was satisfied with the performance of DUSTKILL and plans to use the product again.
Chairman, Board of Supervisors

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